Partners For Your Future

Legacy Law sets the standard for exceptional service and technical legal expertise when planning is complex, and the stakes are high.  We partner with you and your team of professional advisors to ensure peace and confidence throughout the process and attain the desired results for your business and family transitions.

Our Partners

After many years of friendship, shared values, and common counsel, Attorneys Brian Black, Tim Shawaryn and Neal Rice are again practicing law together.  Legacy Law unites our vision and dedication to fully serve our clients well with the utmost care, intentionality, and integrity.

The Legacy Law Difference

Legacy Law was conceived to provide clients a high-level, comprehensive advisory approach in leading the niche areas of business succession, estate planning and charitable gift planning – while delivering the trusted legal advice that clients need and deserve for successful transitions.

Legacy Law’s unique affiliation with North Group Consultants completes our services from start to finish-by fully engaging and developing your organization, leadership team and next generation leaders.